Monthly Recap: April 2023

Token Takeaways ✍️

✨ now features a community-run live news feed tracking major developments in the space. 

✨ We saw growth across several metrics in April, helped by renewed confidence in the market.  

✨ Plans are well under way for our global launch, with every team at token HQ working towards our upcoming expansion. 

April was a positive month for the token economy. The headline story was Ethereum’s Shapella upgrade, which enabled staked ETH withdrawals for the first time. Ethereum’s big moment came as interest in tokens soared. As BTC and ETH demand grew, other projects rallied. But while the market surged, ongoing regulatory developments involving US agencies like the SEC and CFTC brought uncertainty to the space. In the background, we’ve been grinding away on the app. We shipped several notable updates this month, setting us up for a big spring and summer ahead. Learn more below. 

Please note: Investing in cryptoassets is risky. Due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, investors run the risk of losing their funds when they make an investment. Returns from cryptoasset investing are not guaranteed, therefore users should always be aware of the risks.

Planning the reskin 🖌️ is getting a new look. We’ve been planning this update for a while, and it will be unveiled in full this spring. As we’re introducing a substantial overhaul, we’ve started preparing ahead of time. We have a new library of fonts for everything from our token descriptions to buy and withdraw buttons, and our plan is to roll them out in gradual stages. This will free up capacity for our engineers when we make the full switch.

The app’s makeover comes as we prepare to share a brand new website. You’ll soon be able to explore our vision for the future via, dive into essential topics in our Learn hub, and we’ll even be introducing a few new mascots. Look out for more information on this dropping soon. 

Tracking community growth and token news 📰

We onboarded more new customers throughout April, and they keep returning. The market rise has also brought renewed confidence to the space. This has helped our cumulative trading volume grow. Token purchases are up month-on-month, and the margin between buys and sells is on the rise. This suggests that our customers are increasingly getting used to having exposure to tokens. 

Our live news feed helps you keep track of key token events as they happen.

We spend a lot of time studying trading activity to understand how we can better serve the community. There have been some constants since we launched. For example, Bitcoin has always been our most popular supported asset. The Crypto Starter Pack is still our top Collection. But we’ve seen interesting new trends as the app has evolved. This month, we rolled out our new live news feed. Token community members can use it to post snackable updates on key events in the ecosystem. Each update is linked to a specific token, and we’ve noticed an increase in purchases since the feature launched. As the space has been relatively quiet in recent months, we’re looking forward to seeing how this update influences market activity during the next boom period. 

Migrating from Brazil ✈️

As initially went live in Brazil, the app officially launched under a Latin American entity. But we’ve since started a new entity ahead of our wider rollout. Essentially, nothing has changed save for a bit of housekeeping work in the background. But with a new operation, we’ll be able to welcome customers in new jurisdictions. 

As we launched a new entity, we had to migrate our existing Brazilian customers onto the new service. That happened earlier this month. Now, things are in place for the next big step: our global launch. 

Going global 🌍

Spring 2023 is the moment becomes available to the world. The app will look and feel different as we make improvements and changes. But just as importantly, it will be accessible to so many more adopters. is set to launch across the UK, Europe, and further parts of Latin America. We couldn’t be more excited. We’ve had great feedback from our Brazilian customers, and we think it’s great to be able to share the experience with a bigger audience. This movement is global, so this is a natural chapter in our story. Similarly, the mission for has always been to allow people to invest in the projects they care about and grow the token economy. Our global launch is our biggest step towards that mission so far. 

Ahead of our big milestone, there’s lots of work happening across every department. We first set out to build a groundbreaking platform for token discovery two years ago, so going live worldwide is a massive moment for us. We can’t wait for what comes next and look forward to expanding our community. 

Learn more 👀

That wraps up April 2023 at token HQ. It’s been a nice few weeks for the token space, and our recent developments have us excited for the road ahead. is evolving, and the world will soon be able to join the journey. As our project grows with the token space, we’re feeling more and more optimistic about the tokenized future. 

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