Monthly Recap: August 2022

August was a huge month for us. After 18 months of hard work across our engineering, product, design, and marketing teams, we finally launched This month marked the start of the next chapter of our journey as we look to introduce the world to the possibilities of the token universe. While the summer is winding down, we’re currently busier than ever. While we couldn’t fit everything into one blog post, we’ve rounded out the main things we’ve been working on for our latest recap piece. Read on to learn more.

Disclaimer: Investing in cryptoassets is risky. Due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, investors run the risk of losing their funds when they make an investment. Returns from cryptoasset investing are not guaranteed, therefore users should always be aware of the risks. is live went live to our first cohort of customers in Brazil. The initial rollout marks the unveiling of our flagship products, Collections and Cards. The first version of the app gives an insight into our vision for creating better accessibility to the token universe, and we’ll have many more developments to come as the token economy evolves. With Collections and Cards, we’re focusing on offering customers a simple way to navigate the most important strands of the token universe and get context on individual tokens. The app launched with 10 Collections, but we believe the world will be interacting with millions of tokens on a daily basis in the future. will be the application to access them when it does.

A preview of the Bitcoin Card

While we launched in earnest this month, we initially went live with a growth feature earlier this year. We took several learnings from leveraging Anchor Protocol, a yield product on the collapsed Terra blockchain, and instead turned our focus to developing Collections and Cards. With the switch away from Anchor, we’ve also migrated aUST to USDC, a regulated stablecoin issued by Circle.

It’s been amazing to watch’s early adopters tapping away as they take their first steps into this new world. Last week, we registered our first token sale: Shiba Inu, one of the mainstays of the Crypto’s Top Meme Coins Collection.

We are rebranding is live in Brazil now, but we’re planning to expand in a big way over the coming weeks. It all kicks off with our global launch, currently slated for October. As we make available to other countries, we’ll also be sharing our rebrand.

We commenced work on our refreshed look this month, and we’ve enlisted one of London’s top design agencies to help us in spreading the word about what we’re building. Our key areas of focus are on the visual side of the product, and how we communicate the possibilities of the burgeoning token economy with people from outside the cryptosphere. After all, our number one goal with is to make tokens accessible to everyone — but they’ll need to understand how tokens could benefit them first.

When we go global, we want everything to be perfect so that we can kick off with a bang. Our ongoing work on rebranding the product will ensure that we give the launch it deserves.

Focusing on discovery

At its core, is built to make discovering tokens simple. We’re achieving this through Collections and Cards, but just as importantly, we have a whole suite of additional features that are tailored towards creating an intuitive experience that helps everyone learn about tokens.

We’re constantly tweaking the app to see how we can improve things, and this month we made a change to the discovery section of our Explore tab. Now, customers can quickly see how each Collection has performed on a 24-hour timeframe, meaning tracking tokens has become easier.

A preview of the Explore tab

We’ve also made the experience of buying tokens more interactive by adding a haptic feedback touch sensor, and we’ll be introducing more small improvements to the experience as we learn from the first few weeks of our launch.

Crunching numbers, curating Collections, and more

As we welcome our first wave of customers, we’ll be taking learnings from how they interact with the product. We’re going to crunch numbers and get an understanding of how our customers explore tokens in the app to steer the future of the product. We’re also planning to up the waitlist for the first time since May, and we’ll be ramping up our communications and marketing efforts to drive growth in Brazil. Finally, we’ll be increasing the number of Collections available for customers to discover, adding to the 10 mainstays currently live.

That covers all of the headline events for August, but we’ll be back with more news to share next month as we enter the final stages of preparation for our global rollout. Enjoy the last few days of summer in the meantime, and check out our website below to learn more about the product.

Learn more about here

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