Monthly Recap: February 2023

Token Takeaways ✍️

✨ added creator profiles and made improvements to the search function, Explore tab, and more this month. 

✨ A rise in downloads and engagement shows that customers are coming to use the product, and they like it once they start exploring.

✨ Forthcoming updates will make it easier for people to invest according to their interests.

The token ecosystem has had a promising start to 2023. As interest in nascent technologies like AI and Zero-Knowledge Proofs grows, confidence in tokens is increasing. The global value of the market rose in February, and teams continue to build through crypto winter. is one of those teams, working tirelessly to improve our application for accessing the world of tokens. This month, we shipped a host of improvements and saw notable upticks in engagement, suggesting our updates are working. Our latest Monthly Recap piece covers all of our main achievements for February 2023. 

Please note: Investing in cryptoassets is risky. Due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, investors run the risk of losing their funds when they make an investment. Returns from cryptoasset investing are not guaranteed, therefore users should always be aware of the risks. 

A more intuitive 👌

While the ecosystem has been fairly quiet for some time now, we’ve used the slowdown as an opportunity to build. In February, we committed to shipping, shipping, and more shipping. 

This month, we’ve made several tweaks and improvements to many of our existing features. The search function is now in the overview screen to help you find the tokens you want to learn about more easily. The Explore tab now features Trending Tokens and Top Movers. New customers now land on the Explore tab as soon as they are onboarded. The result is a more intuitive version of the you know and love, making it easier for you to discover tokens across the ecosystem. 

CriptoWizards founder Enzo Cobucci’s creator profile. Enzo put together our first creator Collection, Curated by CriptoWizards.

We also now have creator profiles, part of our plan to make a fun, social experience. Enzo Cobucci, who put together our Curated by CriptoWizards, was the first creator to launch his own profile, but we plan to host profiles for many more key creators and personalities in the token universe—watch this space.

We’re also looking into improving the speed of the app and integrating social posting for creators. We’ll share more on those updates later. 

Explorers keep coming to discover the token universe 🌌

The market has recently shown signs of recovery, and activity also keeps rising. We hit over 30,000 approved customers thanks to a rise in interest in February. This tells us that is delivering on its mission, and there’s growing demand among people looking to discover the token universe.

But we’re not just seeing people flock to—our findings are telling us that people really like what we’re building too. Our monthly active users soared 168% this month, while deposits have risen 290%. 

We’re thrilled about this. As we are experiencing a rise in these metrics while interest in the token economy is at a relative level, we can also deduce that could continue to grow in popularity once the market booms and the space expands. We’re preparing for that eventuality now. This means that we’ll be better equipped and ready to move the space closer to mass adoption. 

Investing in interests 🙌

When the token universe was born, early adopters had the opportunity to invest in the world’s first decentralised digital currency, Bitcoin. A little later, Ethereum laid the foundations for the advent of DeFi and NFTs. Today, there are thousands of tokens in the ecosystem. 

Though crypto had humble beginnings, we think it’s taking us to a future where anyone, anywhere will be empowered to make investments according to their interests (in fact, as the crypto art phenomenon has shown, the trend is already playing out today). So we want to make sure that is helping people discover tokens that fit their personality and worldview. 

There are a number of ways we’re working towards this goal. As we explained in this blog post, our interests feature is key, but our forthcoming updates should make it even easier to invest with intent. Look out for our next hobby-focused Collections—we’re kicking off with curated sets dedicated to arts and tech fans. Keep an eye on the app and our blog for the first peep. 

On the horizon 🌅

Since we launched in Brazil, our end goal hasn’t changed. We’re building to support the growth of the token economy and empower people to discover this exciting new world. A key part of this mission involves expanding beyond Latin America. will soon go global, and we’ll have more information to share very soon. 

As we grow with the token ecosystem, will become a more social experience. We’ll soon be welcoming more content creators onto our platform, and they’ll be able to share their perspectives on the ecosystem with our community. The tokenized world will be fun, personal, and social. We’re building for that future today. 

Learn more 👀

That pretty much rounds up February 2023. As the month drew to a close, we also had an opportunity to meet up as a full team. We spent the time reconnecting away from the screen, exchanging ideas with one another, and reflecting on our plans for the year. It was a productive few days where we covered a lot of ground on what lies ahead for us and the broader ecosystem. We’ll share more on our takeaways from this session and our upcoming plans very soon. In the meantime, head to to learn more about the ecosystem and discover our latest additions today. The token universe is growing fast. And we are here to help you on your journey. 

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