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Hello and welcome from HQ. 

Now that we’ve officially rolled out our new product in Brazil, we felt like this was the perfect time to launch a new section of the website to help you stay updated on all of the important developments happening at Here, you’ll find all of our big announcements, guides on how to use the product, features on our Collections, educational pieces covering important topics in the world of tokens, and more. 

Who are we? 

Before we dive deep into all things tokens, we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves for anyone who may not be familiar with what we do. We’re a team of passionate dreamers, builders, and storytellers who have been at the forefront of the token space since 2017. We got our start in this exciting space when we launched the world’s first crypto VISA debit card, Monolith, and have spent the last few years working to bring blockchain and cryptocurrency token technology to mass adoption. 

After building our first product, we were inspired to create a revolutionary application that would help the world reap the benefits of the token economy. We designed it after watching the token universe grow at breakneck speed over the past few years. As more and more tokens have emerged, it’s become almost impossible to keep up with all of the exciting innovations happening across the ecosystem. We knew that we needed to create an application that helped people discover tokens in a fun and simple way. is the product of our learnings in the token universe, and our vision of how blockchain technology will impact the world over the coming years. 

What are tokens? 

If you’ve never used our product, you might be asking yourself what we mean when we talk about tokens. 

Thanks to the power of blockchain technology, the world is currently going through a monumental shift that will change the way all of us think about value. Tokens are blockchain-based cryptocurrencies that offer all kinds of benefits over traditional currencies. 

The world’s first cryptocurrency token was Bitcoin, but since it launched in 2009, thousands of newer tokens offering promising use cases have emerged. 

By the end of the decade, the token space will have many more cryptocurrencies that empower people to impact the world with their investment decisions. The token economy is already growing fast, but it’s set to see rapid change as new innovations in the space emerge. 

Blockchain and token technology is the most promising innovation since the Internet itself. Our product is designed to help everyone take advantage of the opportunity that lies ahead. 

What is is the fun and simple way to access the token economy. 

Our application offers an interactive experience designed to help everyone discover this new world. 

We make it easy to start investing in tokens through curated Collections, themed groups of tokens covering all of the key strands of the token universe. launched with 10 initial Collections but will evolve over time as the broader ecosystem grows. 

The first version of the product went live in Brazil last month and will expand before we go global towards the end of the year. You can get a preview of how it looks and download the app via our website

Keep an eye out for our next post dropping soon, and make sure to check out our first batch of tokens in the app.

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